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Chairman Reilich Announces Rush Town Board Member is Switching Parties

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Rochester, NY – Chairman Bill Reilich is proud to welcome Rush Town Board Member Daniel Woolaver to the Republican team. Woolaver cited his reasons for joining the GOP in a letter released to voters on Saturday.

“During my time on the Town Board I have enjoyed working with the Republican members of the Board and believe they are committed to the Town of Rush and are working with the best interest of the town in mind. Although we have not agreed on every matter, I believe we have been able to discuss our differences and have reached agreement on how to move the Town forward in a positive direction.”

“In recent years I find myself in a situation where I do not agree with many of the statements and actions of the current leadership of the Rush Democratic Party and believe these statements are detrimental to the positive operations of the Town Board and unfair to its members. I have therefore decided to switch my party affiliations to the Republican Party and will be running for re-election in November 2015 on the Republican ticket.”