Stay Informed

What Do Republicans Stand For?

The Monroe County Republican Party stands on the belief that less government, lower taxes, and more direct participation by the people are the ideals of democracy — on the local, state and national levels.

These transcending principles are the reason why the Republican Party is made up of individuals from different ethnic and social backgrounds. They are also the reason why the Republican Party is known as the “big tent” party — a party with room for everyone and a party where everyone has the ability to contribute and take part in the decisions that shape our party, our towns, state and nation.

Building on these beliefs, the Monroe County Republican Party also holds that:

  • It is important to always respect our fellow citizen’s ability, dignity and freedom.
  • Individual initiative and responsibility are the keys to accomplishment. Local government is closest to the people.
  • Government exists to protect every individual’s freedom, not restrict it.
  • Those who are unable to provide for themselves deserve help to attain self-reliance and independence.
  • Equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity are the right of every citizen.
  • Excessive taxation and wasteful government spending stifle individual growth and accomplishment.
  • Respect for the Constitution, our laws and our democratic institutions will preserve our rights and our way of life.

As a Registered Republican, How Can I Get More Involved?

If you want to take a front-line role in our electoral process and in the governing of our community, state and nation, become a Republican Committee Member.

The thousands of Republican Committeewomen and men in Monroe County are the rank and file soldiers who help ensure our success at the ballot box each November.

These stalwarts help formulate policy at their local committee meetings, they take part in the nomination and selection of candidates, they pass election petitions in their neighborhoods and they work with candidates to get the message out to the voters — their neighbors.

Specifically, Monroe County Committee Members are involved in:

  • Candidate recruitment, training and development;
  • Selecting the candidates to run on the Republican ballot line;
  • Development of party issues and policies;
  • Fundraising for candidates;
  • Voter identification and registration programs;
  • Voter outreach programs;
  • Keeping the public informed, connected and represented.

It’s easy to join a Republican Committee, just contact your town leader or call Republican Headquarters at 585 546-8040 for your opportunity to join Monroe County’s Winning Republican Team.