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State and Local Offices

Here is a list of our candidates for the 2017 Election:

Monroe County Sheriff
Patrick O’Flynn

Monroe County Family Court Judge
Joseph Nesser
Monroe County Legislator – District 10
Jason Rosenberg


Town Supervisor: David Dunning
Town Council: Mary Sperr
Town Council: Mark DeCroy
Town Clerk: Virginia Ignatowski
Town Justice: Ronald Evangelista

Town Supervisor: Paul Kimball
Town Council: Patrick Didas
Town Council: Alan Hoy
Highway Superintendent: Robert Viscardi
Town Justice: Ian Penders

East Rochester
Village Trustee: Edward Connors
Village Trustee: Kelley Swagler
Town Justice: David Bonacchi

Town Supervisor: Mark Assini
Town Council: Lee Cordero
Town Council: Andrew Loughlin
Town Justice: Peter Puppatelli
Town Justice: Frank Cassara

Town Supervisor: Bill Reilich
1st Ward Town Council: David M. Barry Jr.
2nd Ward Town Council: William Murphy
3rd Ward Town Council: Joshua Jensen
4th Ward Town Council: Diana Christodaro
Receiver of Taxes: Andrew Conlon
Town Justice: Vincent Campbell
Town Justice: David M. Barry Sr.
Town Justice: Shannon O’Keefe-Pero
Town Justice: Brett Granville

Town Supervisor: Eric Peters
Town Council: Jason Baxter
Town Council: Jennifer Voelkl
Highway Superintendent: Steven Baase
Town Justice: Richard Moffett
Town Supervisor: Jack Moore
Town Council: John Howland
Town Council: Kristine Demo-Vazquez
Town Supervisor: Christopher Burns
Town Council: William Morse
Town Council: Gregory J. Devlin
Town Supervisor: John Moffitt
Town Council: Cynthia Carroll
Town Council: John Hagreen
Town Clerk: James Merzke
Highway Superintendent: William Smith
Town Justice: Cara Briggs
Town Supervisor: Gay Lenhard
Town Council: Tom Uschold
Town Council: Tom Cole
Highway Superintendent: David Widger
Town Justice: David Murante
Town Supervisor: Jack Barton
Town Council: Daniel Barlow
Town Council: James Roose
Town Clerk: Carrie Webster
Highway Superintendent: Brian Speer
Town Supervisor: Tony LaFountain
Town Council: Paula Metzler
Town Council: Andrew Moore
Town Clerk: Amy Steklof
Town Justice: James Mulley
Town Supervisor: Mike Barker
Town Council: Peg Havens
Town Council: Ciaran Hanna
Town Clerk: Jennifer West
Town Justice: Michael Arnold
Town Supervisor: Bill Smith
Town Council: Mary Doyle
Town Council: Jared Lusk
Town Justice: John Bernacki
Town Supervisor: Brad O'Brocta
Town Council: James Fodge
Town Council: Deborah Campanella
Town Clerk: Kimberly Pape
Highway Superintendent: David Smith
Mayor: Tony Micciche
City Council At-Large: Andrew Hollister
Town Supervisor: Cathy Frank
Town Council: Gerald Kusse
Town Council: Rita McCarthy
Town Supervisor: Kevin Johnson
Town Council: Robert Muesebeck
Town Council: Patricia Hayles
Town Clerk: Karen Sweeting
Town Justice: Anthony Perry
Town Supervisor: Ron Nesbitt
Town Council: Barry Deane
Town Council: Patricia Cataldi
Town Justice: Thomas DiSalvo
Town Supervisor: Linda Dobson
Town Council: Edward Shero
Town Council: Lisa Wasson
Highway Superintendent: Howard Hazelton
Town Justice: Nicole Bayly-Henshaw